8 Useful Website Design Tips in 2022

8 Useful Website Design Tips in 2022

According to sources, it is proven that it takes about 50 milliseconds for users to decide whether to like the website or not, to stay and read or not. So from this, it is quite evident that you need the best designs for your website to stand out in this hugely competitive market. The first impression is the last impression and sometimes you don't even get a second chance to shine. With billions of searches being carried on Google daily and with such an intensely competitive market, it is important for your website to attract potential customers and for that top-notch designs should be used and updated regularly for your website. 


  1. Select An Attractive Domain Name:

Your domain name plays an important role. You need to attract your potential customers with the name. It might not be the whole brand name but maybe a part fused in beautifully with something catchy. Don't keep it too long.

  1. Make It Easy to Explore:

Keep your website easy to navigate. When your users land on your page, they should not be confused about where to get information and where to find what they are looking for. The instructions should be loud and clear. It should be in simple language too. Users should easily be able to navigate through your website making it a good hassle-free interaction, where they will keep coming back. 

  1. Use Good Quality Images:

Images are the best way to attract your customers along with gaining their trust. Customers can understand your brand through these images only. So publish only good quality images of your products & your services that are available sitewide. Also upload images showing how your brand works, who all are in your company, and who works to build the brand. This will help in building your brand credibility. 

  1. Aim To Achieve Good Readability:

You need to know your audience first based on your products, what they like, what they don't,  from where they come from, in order to make your content readable enough to make conversions. Keep your content easy to read in simple languages. Use bullets instead of huge paragraphs. Divide up into several headings & subheadings. This also will lead to a high readability score on SEO and your website will appear on top of the Google page. 

  1. Include Keywords & Phrases As Much As Possible:

Always use active voices and be direct and clear with your content. Search for trending keywords on Google similar to your brand and use them in your content to rank high in search engines.

  1. Fix A Colour For Your Website & Keep Your Design Mobile Friendly:

Fixing a colour theme for your website, and coordinating with your products and brand is always better. This won't confuse your visitors. Choose colours which are soothing enough and are subtle in nature. Don't forget to choose designs which are mobile-friendly as Google also considers mobile-friendly websites more. 

  1. Provide A Detailed 'About Us':

Providing a detailed 'About Us' is a necessity as through it, visitors will get to know you and your brand. They will know whose brand it is, how it works, its background and why they will invest their time & money in your website at all. This will strengthen the bond. Your visitors will start having faith in considering your brand to be genuine. It is most important for online businesses as there is no physical store to check on it. 

  1. Use Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):

We are always in search of products to buy or services required for our daily lives or destinations to visit or to look up for tutorials. And we land up on the Google search page to do the needful. A brand new website should always install a good Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) plugin. It is a must in order to get visible to everyone else it would be seen only by a limited number of people who are aware of your website. SEO guides you in various ways. It shows your rank and score on Google. SEO pushes you to be visible on the very first page as that is where users search and choose the most. 

  1. Always keep a blog section:

Always keep a blog section on your website. Keep publishing content related to your brand, your products and also about other things closely related to your brand ideology. Include testimonials of your existing customers on your website. Keep the language simple. 

The tips mentioned above are just a guideline to help you out with designing your website. You can keep updating yourself based on your goals. 


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