Best Wordpress Seo Plugins For Your New Website

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Have you ever heard of WordPress SEO plugins for websites? They are essential tools for any website, especially new ones. Search engines are a major source of traffic for websites on the internet. It is important to optimise your new website for search engines that can help you rank higher in search results and eventually will grow your business.


1. YOAST SEO: Yoast SEO is a popular SEO plugin for WordPress that allows you to optimize your new website for search engines to an optimal level. It has been used widely by website owners.


  1. The SEO analysis feature checks the pages and blog posts for readability and SEO improvements in your website.

  2. It lets you do Internal link tracking.

  3. Lets you add & edit customized briefs of what people will see in Google when you pop up on the search engine results page.

  4. It supports adding multiple focus keywords for your content on your website.

  5. It automatically generates an XML sitemap for all of your content making it easier for search engines to crawl your WordPress site.

  6. It customizes breadcrumbs on your site making it easier to navigate and index.

  7. Lets you add Open Graph metadata and social media images to your articles.

  8. After you finish an article, it shows where you can improve, how much your language score & how approachable your article seems for the masses.

  9. It manages the discoverability of your post or page by switching the robot tags on or off.

  10. It helps you to optimize your posts by suggesting the uses of paragraphs, headings, subheadings and suitable titles.

2. GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE: Google Search Console is a great SEO tool to learn important insights about your search result rankings for your new website and it is free too. You can use it to see how your content is doing and get a bunch of really amazing data about your website and your content across the web.


  1. It gives sitemaps and new content for indexing.

  2. It is easy to connect your WordPress site with Google Search Console.

  3. It gives you alerts when Google is unable to crawl and index pages on your WordPress site.

  4. Instructions on how to fix common crawling errors are given.

  5. Use it to see your site’s top Google search terms and average search results page position, plus clicks, impressions, and CTR.

  6. You can find and fix malware and spam issues through it.

  7. You get to know which keywords your pages and posts are ranking for.

  8. It checks inbound links and finds out which websites are sending you traffic.

3. ALL IN ONE SEO (AIO SEO): One of the most powerful SEO Plugins for WordPress Websites is All in One SEO (AIO SEO). It is extremely beginner-friendly, therefore for those who are opening new websites or have new websites, this would be a great choice.


  1. It is used by millions to grow web traffic organically.

  2. It has a free version too.

  3. It automatically generates XML sitemaps to submit to search engines, they will index your website and then it will show up in search results.

  4. You can get rich snippets for more traffic.

  5. It has a built-in social media integration.

  6. It has an easy setup wizard to customize SEO for your website.

  7. You can edit your robots.txt files.

  8. You can use dynamic values like a year, month, day, custom fields, author info, and more in your SEO title and descriptions by it.

  9. You get page analysis with an active checklist to optimize your posts and pages.

  10. You can optimize your page and post SEO by adding meta-titles, keywords, and descriptions.

4. MONSTERINSIGHTS: The MonsterInsights plugin is one of the best Google Analytics plugins for WordPress websites. Using this will help you with your marketing strategy with killer results.


  1. It shows easy-to-read analytical reports on your WordPress dashboard.

  2. It tracks your site’s top keywords.

  3. It also shows you where your users are coming from, which one is your top content & where your users go on your website.

  4. It gives you reports on your mobile traffic.

  5. It helps the most by tracking the top outbound links from your website to see which are the ones people are clicking on most.

5. RANK MATH: Rank Math is the SEO tool that is showing quick growth these days. It is user-friendly in nature. This WordPress SEO plugin optimizes your website for search engines. It is very easy to use for new website owners.


  1. You can easily add meta titles, descriptions, and Open Graph metadata to your content as suggested by the SEO plugin.

  2. It can generate an XML site map which is very much essential for your website.

  3. It gives access to users to control their roles.

  4. It has a setup wizard which is easy to use.

  5. It has advanced SEO analysis tools.

  6. It helps in importing other plugin settings.

  7. It has a Google Search Console integration.

  8. Social media can be optimized through it.

SEO plugins for WordPress are excellent tools to optimize your strategy and improve your website results. It is absolutely important for new websites. Optimization is the key to growth. But you need to make sure you choose an SEO plugin that meets your needs.


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