A Quick Guide Before Choosing An Influencer For Your Brand

A Quick Guide Before Choosing An Influencer For Your Brand

Influencer Marketing is all about building relationships that cater to mutual benefits. Brands can partner with influencers with a considerable amount of loyal followers that trust their opinions and recommendations. Through collaborations, the brand gets exposed to a whole new set of audiences and also an influencer gets to provide fresh, new content that the audience knows their audience will appreciate, thereby resulting in a win-win situation for everyone.

For your campaign to draw the best results, it’s wise to note the following points for influencer selection:

How to get an influencer for your business? 

Quite a lot of research goes into selecting the right influencer than just simply considering the number of social media followers. Remember that the influencer you choose for your brand should have credibility within their communities. If they share anything within their network, it’s because they’re assured with the content and that their followers will also benefit from it.

To get an influencer for your business, it is important to keep these three tips in mind:


**Search for influencers with similar values:** 


A mismatched partnership may result in your brand being lost in the translation process. The influencer you choose to build a partnership with must share like-minded values and tone of voice as that of your brand. Research for the kind of content they create, promote and share on their social channels and keep a tap on who else they might be partnering with.

It is wise to dig deep into an influencer’s historic activity. The most crucial part of preserving your brand is upholding a good reputation. Don’t let an unbalanced, incompatible influencer partnership poke a hole in your brand’s identity.


**Examine the right metrics before choosing an influencer:** 


A follower base of 500,000 followers doesn't mean everyone is paying attention to what the influencer is saying. It is seen an influencer with 5000 or fewer followers can have a tighter knit group that offers higher engagement rates. One of the best ways to measure engagement is to examine click-throughs. If the posts/ stories include any links, how many are actually interested to click? Read the comments and the feedback the influencer typically receives.


**Search for different types of influencers:** 


There are different kinds of influencers and depending on the goals of your campaign, you might find one better than the other. Here are few different types of influencers to take note of:


They are the ones that have a smaller reach and typically have a follower range between 1000 to 50,000 within a niche community. This is the network that usually demonstrates higher levels of engagement.


They are credible sources either belonging to the media industry or are executives or bloggers of the respected industry. Their followers are always hooked to learn from them about new trends, industry advancements and their general perspective on relevant topics.

Celebrity Influencers: 

They are the ones with a follower base of more than 500,000 and offer diversity in terms of interests and content dissemination. Partnership with a celebrity often comes with a heavy price tag, but they help create a large amount of impression on your set of audiences.

But the main question arises, how to approach influencers to work with your brand? Well, start with one creative and impactful method. Start by explaining how you found them followed by reasons why you follow them and why their last post/article or any post interested you. Be creative in your approach and responses. It is wise not to throw sarcasm or any slang but neither be too formal as it sometimes leads the conversation to go nowhere.

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Having a template can be quite helpful, but remember to adapt and modify it to show the other person that the email they are receiving is unique and written only for them.

Don’t forget that the approach should be focussed more on the value, benefits and creative freedom an influencer can take from you and not on how their audience can become your next client. This will help you get the right influencer for your brand that focuses more on its growth.

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