Email Marketing: How to build your email list from scratch

Email Marketing: How to build your email list from scratch

Email marketing is reaching out to the people who have subscribed to your email list by sending mails, informing and educating them about your product and services with the aim to turn them into a sale. But the main question here is how to get the emails of the potential customers. Well, for that you have to create your email marketing list and in this post, we will see how you can create your email marketing list from scratch.


Make a list of your existing contacts and clients

Well, these email ids are already with you, so technically we can’t say it is building, but many times it has been seen that these already accessible email ids are not kept organized and therefore not used effectively. So it is best to start from here. Feed all the emails you already have into your campaign creator and start your email marketing from there.

Secure email ids by offering incentives

Here comes the main part on how you can secure the email ids of the people that you already do not have. There can be hundreds and thousands of potential customers for your business and communicating to them your product and information essentially turn them into successful leads. But is it possible to know all of them personally and secure their email ids?  Well. No. But there is certainly a way by which you can make this possible. By offering attractive rewards or incentives.

The first step towards this mechanism is to write compelling content and publish them on your website. When people find your content useful and attractive, they will like to read it further and even engage. Here is where you have to play your CTA. Offer the visitors of your website some rewards in exchange for their email ids. These rewards can be a free demo of your product, or a discount coupon to your store, or maybe a free shipping code. Run your imagination wild and come out with something that your potential customers are likely to find attractive and exchange their emails ids for.

Once you have chalked out what to offer to your customers, the next big decision is to where to offer, I mean where on your web page you should place your offer such that it catches the attention of your customers and they are likely to engage without getting disturbed.

So there are many probable places which you can use, you may use only one or a combination of more than one. Let’s check out which are the places.


**Header bar** - Right at the start of the page. It often attracts more people and especially works well when you are asking people to join your forum or subscribe to a newsletter.



**Slider** - This is a small box containing all information about your offer and slides up gently from the bottom corner of the page, usually the right one, asking people to engage.



**Top of the Sidebox** - This is a good place specifically for the blogs and asking for subscribers. This place doesn’t affect the reading space and is very soft and appealing in nature.



**End of Post** - A very sure-shot kind of place both for the blog and the general page.



**Lightboxes** - This is a bit intrusive kind of way where the box containing the information and call-to-action pops up right at the middle of the page during the course of reading. Though I feel it is kind of annoying, numerous studies have shown that they are effective. So go annoy people but who complains if it works.


So are you ready to catch email ids for your business? All the best.

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