Embark On A Journey To Become A Public Figure On Instagram And Getting Verified

Embark On A Journey To Become A Public Figure On Instagram And Getting Verified

Instagram is much more than a mere photo-sharing social media site that has over a billion monthly active users who are competing to solidify their position as a valuable, influential and legitimate icon in the industry.

In recent years, the platform has expanded its features for possible Instagram growth in which marketers, business owners and content creators can attract their audience and get valuable attention for their product or services. With an Instagram verification badge, creators and marketers are exposed to even more opportunities and exponential growth. So if you’re committed to up your Instagram game and draw more attention to your brand or blog, we bring you a quick guide to enjoy the favours of Instagram.

What does the blue checkmark mean on Instagram? 

The blue checkmark that appears next to your account name is the Instagram verification badge which means that Instagram has confirmed that the profile does belong to a public figure and also prevents impersonation. This is done to ensure that the users in the Instagram community are dealing with authentic brands and well-known public figures.

Started in August 2018, Instagram allows users to request verification and after a series of processes of authentication, users’ profile gets a blue tick which confirms that the profile belongs to a public figure.

What is the benefit of being verified on Instagram? 

Getting verified on Instagram helps brands and influencers both brands and influencers to take things to the next level. Despite the number of followers, Instagram verification makes it known to the audience that you’re worth following. If your profile is attractive and legitimate with an Instagram verification badge, you can always find new followers flocking to your page and you’ll build trust amongst the audience, whether you’re recommending products for affiliate marketing or simply interacting with your followers.

One of the biggest perks of being verified on Instagram is getting early access to new features before they’re being made available to the general public like the ‘swipe up’ feature that allows users to link websites from their Instagram stories, thereby helping them to create some A+ content.

In order to get verified, the following are the steps that can be undertaken by an active user:


You need to have a picture, a captivating bio and at least one image posted to your account.



Keep your account public and it should represent a real person, organization or brand.



Although there is no set number of followers for you to receive verification notification, you need to be notable in some way. It is important for you to be a brand, celebrity or a public figure, someone people actually search for online.



And most important of everything, don’t break the rules and policies of Instagram.


How to become a public figure on Instagram 2021? 

In 2021, becoming a public figure on Instagram is a matter of popularity and knowledge and if you wish to become the next big thing on Instagram to gain influencer size following, we have some tips for you:


**Do your research:** 


Before you take on the mantle of an influencer or public figure, it’s wise to set out reasonable and attainable goals. It all starts by doing research into your favourite accounts and thinking about what you like the most in their feeds and what you can do better. Revamp your Instagram account by setting up an aesthetic tone that can be achieved by a certain colour palette (preferably white, pastels, beige or dark earth tones). It is a known fact that people are drawn to accounts that are visually consistent. The Preview app is a great tool for testing and visualizing your posts to better design your grid.


**Go for quality:** 


Get ready to click amazing photos and improve your photography skills. Fill your Instagram grid with quality photos that people wish to see. This in turn will help in attracting a core follower base.

You can use popular photo editing apps like Lightroom, Snapseed, PicsArt and VSCO to give your photos an aesthetic appeal. Avoid using Instagram filters instead tune the contrast, brightness, straighten your image, or add some structure.


**Use Hashtags wisely:**


Hashtags add necessary exposure within the given community. #Dont #Force #Hashtag #InYour #Post. Instead, use relevant hashtags so that they work in your favour. Instagram lets you add up to thirty hashtags but it is wise to use up to 12 hashtags that are extremely relevant to your photo.

Remember #cute and #travel won’t get you enough attention, instead, your post will get drowned out by all those other posts in the same hashtags. You can use a third-party app called Hashtag Expert, which offers hashtag suggestions that can be simply copied and pasted.


**Incorporate Instagram Stories and Reels:** 


Utilize tools within Instagram Stories such as the question card or poll card so as to build interest in your account as people love giving their opinions. Give these interesting and engaging stories a permanent home on your profile by adding them to your story highlights.

You can also leverage Instagram Reels which are essentially short videos, similar to Tik Tok, that can be edited with music, text, and visual effects. If you’re a funny bone or a singer or an interesting one, you could be on your way to taste fame on Instagram.





Do not buy followers.



Don’t act like spammers.



Don’t regram, plagiarize or use other people’s posts.


Stay true to your own style and personality, and the followers will come flocking on your profile.

Often there are times when you might need someone expert from the industry to guide you and help you gain new followers if and only if you’re serious about becoming a public figure on Instagram and other social media platforms. Futurescape Advertising is one such agency that guides you in your quest to achieve the blue tick of verification and uncover the new endeavours of success through social media and content marketing.

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