How important is brand tonality, values & personality?

How important is brand tonality, values & personality?

We all know that the world of marketing and advertising is evolving and reaching the heights of innovations, especially with this sudden shift infront of eyes we are now wondering how many brands are available in the marketplace off and online during the day?

During the emerging rage of marketing and advertising, the growing demand for social media presence has taken a leap ahead of being a successful marketing strategy. It has become imperative for brands to involve social media marketing in their branding plans.

It is important to understand that when you go social for marketing and advertising, you have to have a good personality among all the brands and competitors of yours, no matter how small big or medium sized business you have, it is sure to have a certain identity for your business.

While reading this blog and going through the content you will realise how important it is for your business to have a particular voice, tonality and values of branding.

Definition of Branding voice, personality & tonality

Brand voice is to understand how your brand would speak and ultimately behave, it is the flavour of your company, if your content is able to convey the voice and personality of your brand, it would be easy for your target audience to realise what kind of traits and characteristics your brand holds. These characteristics signifies brand behaviour through individuals representing the brand, it can be conveyed through employees, advertising, packaging and many other things. When a brand voice is expressed in the form of human traits, we call it branding of personality.

It is a comprehensive concept, which includes all the tangible and intangible traits of a brand, say beliefs, values, prejudices, features, interests, and heritage. A brand personality makes it unique. Brand personality must be differentiated from brand image, in sense that, while brand image denotes the tangible (physical and functional) benefits and attributes of a brand, brand personality indicates emotional associations of the brand. If a brand image is a comprehensive brand according to consumers’ opinion, brand personality is that aspect of a comprehensive brand which generates its emotional character and associations in consumers’ mind.

Benefits of a brand personality:

Showing your brand personality ensures that your authenticity is displayed and presented infront of your audience the whole time, this is how people would conduct you and your brand.

Gaining respect

Describing the personality of your brand with the help of tonality, branding and personality, you are here clearing your ways for other people to assume that your brand may be a spam or your social media profile might be a fake one, if they follow you or builds some kind of trust by connecting with you on social media platforms, that means that they are having faith in you and your brand.

Best way to show your transparency:

Honesty and transparency is an ideal way to stay shining on social media, a huge part of it comes with your customer interaction online. You have to understand the etiquette of social media networking and the rules of websites which allows you to display your content in front of the global audience, make sure that you respect their rules and understand that whatever you post would be screened by the website and social media handle.

Now when you know all this, it is obvious that you wouldn’t want to ruin your reputation in front of so many people and the website as well.

Because when you feel that thrill, excitement and love for your business, it will carry across to all your posts, comments and conversations and that is one of the best engagement strategies I can think of!

So your mission is to outline your brand’s personality, vision and values and decide on how your brand will interact in all of it’s conversations from now on. Furthermore, Futurescape advertising agency in vashi are the experts in planning and preparing your brand strategy in putting your brand’s tonality, values & personality forward.

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