How to Use Instagram Reel Insights to Make Better Reels

How to Use Instagram Reel Insights to Make Better Reels

Reels insights have been introduced in the recent past and brands and content creators are using them extensively.

Reels was introduced in 2019 and it can be accessed from the home page, account page and Explore page. Brands are experimenting with the format on a daily basis. Marketers are regularly posting Instagram reels videos and they eagerly measure the performance of their reels. After the recent update, you will be able to see the reel performance by going to the reels tab and seeing the number of views your reels got (it is displayed at the bottom of each thumbnail). You can also see how many likes and comments you have received on your reels.

Now you can also measure and track the performance of your larger reels strategy with Instagram Insights.

Let us try to understand the meaning of Reels analytics.

What is Reels analytics?

With Reels analytics, you can track, collect and analyze the data to understand the performance of your reels. With in-depth analytics, you can create better creative decisions and formulate engaging content strategies. By analysing the performance of your reels, you can develop an understanding of the likes and preferences of your audience and dedicate more time to develop better strategies. Also, it is imperative to include reels analytics in your Instagram reports.

Why is it important to track Reels analytics?

It is important to identify the performance of your reels in order to understand what strategies are working and identify opportunities that will help in improving your performance in the future.

Reels analytics helps in understanding:


The likes and dislikes of your audience.



What is the best time to post reels for better reach and engagement?



Which call to action is to be integrated.


When you meticulously track your reel insights, you will be able to understand what type of reels work best and if any spike in reel performance affects your Instagram engagement. The views on your reels depend on your Instagram reel video size and your reels will be viewed only if the video is engaging, entertaining or informative. Now Instagram rewards account that post Reels on a daily basis with higher visibility.

Reels analytics metrics

The following metrics have to be considered while analysing the performance of your reels:

Instagram Reels reach metrics

Accounts reached: With these metrics, you will be able to understand how many unique Instagram users save your reels at least once.

Plays: This is the number of times your reel was played by a user. The number of times your reels were played could be higher than the number of accounts reached because people may play your reels multiple times.

Instagram reels engagement metrics

Likes: The number of users that liked your reel is shown in this metric.

Comments: This shows the number of comments you received on a reel.

Saves: It shows how many times your reel was bookmarked or saved.

Shares: This shows the number of times your reel was shared by users to their story or sent to another user.

How to view Reels Insights

You can access Instagram Insights on your mobile app by tapping the Insights button below your bio on your account:

It is to be noted that Insights are only available for professional accounts. But you can access Insights by switching to a Creator or Business account by going to your settings.

Now you can head to the Overview section and check Accounts Reached.

You can see the Reels analytics in the Reach breakdown section. As per Instagram, this helps you understand how your Reels help in improving your account's performance.

In order to view insights specific to Reels only, you need to scroll down to  Reels in the insights overview section and then click on the right arrow near the number of Reels which will show you the Reels performance metrics.

These insights help you to understand what kind of reels work best for Instagram users and followers and help you make informed decisions such as what kind of reels to post, what should be the duration of the reels and what is the best time to post in order to see maximum engagement. Futurescape advertising can help you promote your business on Instagram and drive traffic to your business website. Give us a buzz to discuss this.

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