Impact of Covid-19 on digital marketing

Impact of Covid-19 on digital marketing

The unprecedented crisis of Covid-19 laid its impacts on almost every aspect of human lives, be it day to day living or business or social interactions. While some impacts are really appalling, there are certain impacts that can curve the way towards more positive outcomes. Today, let's check out how digital marketing got impacted in Covid-19.


Audience moving more and more into digital space was certainly not a new phenomenon or a phenomenon caused due by the impact of covid 19, however, it received a considerable boost in this crisis time. People, being stuck at the home, drew more closer to the digital mediums because every shortcoming of life due to covid was kind of getting some resolution on the digital platform.

 * Buying groceries, go digital!

 * Connecting with friends and family, go digital!

 * Need a job, go digital!

 * Pay utility bills, go digital

When everyone is so moving towards digital, it is needless to say that marketing in digital mediums is bound to take a leap. While online consumers were already present in the Indian market, the pandemic has increased the size of the marketing vastly. When your consumers are online, the brands have no other choice but to take their marketing online to reach more and more audiences.


It is being said that Covid 19 has made even the die-hard traditional marketing strategists go digital. Traditional media was losing acute attention from the audience for quite some time now. Even the media were steadily losing audience, especially from the urban market. Covid 19 has just blown a fan to this phenomenon. The age-old advertising process becomes more and more intrusive and annoying especially when people have a way to do away with them or consume content as per their choice, wish and time. With the changing mode of consuming content, the ways of catering for them also are changing.


Deep marketing or [**digital marketing strategies**]( to offer the right product to the right audience and at the right time is now the most effective way to gain lead and conversion. Email marketing can really help the marketing strategies here.



Instead of cutting the audience’s attention intrusively by flashing your ad, it is more effective to now engage them and allow them to take an action and associate with your brand.



Instead of showing them your content at your time, it is better to offer them content which they can view and consume and their time. Having your website is a must for businesses now.



Instead of flashing your content, focus on educating your audience about your product, service and their effectiveness on their lives. Consider blog marketing to effectively reach your target audiences.



If you are already convinced how digital marketing strategies can help your business gain more customers, here are a few simple pointers that you must keep in mind while marketing in digital mediums.

Take care of your website’s performance - Understand that all your competitors are now on digital platforms and all vying for the attention of the target audience. While digital media is a very effective space, it is important to know that it can also be very volatile in case your website has a simple shortcoming. Therefore, it is very important to keep a keen eye on the performance of your website, its content quality, speed and engageability to attract more audience and hold their attention.

See that your audience has easy options to reach you - As I mentioned, digital mediums are a very competitive space. To hold back your customers make sure that you are easily accessible to them. Offer them an easy way to reach you. Flash your business name, phone number, email address prominently on your website. Offer them a call back option and do call them back at the earliest upon receiving their lead. Offer them chat boxes to ask questions instantly.

Make full use of social media - Do not down-eye the effectiveness of social media for your brand. Make full use of social media to reach, engage and associate with your audience. Never before there was such an easy way to reach and interact with potential customers and get to know their opinion on your brand.

Did covid 19 impact your business? Share your story in the comments section.

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