Rise of Podcast in India

  Rise of Podcast in India

Podcasting is a new element in the paradigm of Digital Marketing. Though the concept is not exactly a novel one, its use in digital marketing is true. Podcasting essentially means distributing audio content via the internet. After exhausting the available resources of video content, digital marketers essentially turned to audio space to reach their audience. In a study conducted in the recent past, India emerged as the third highest consumer of podcasting content after the US and China.


The main factors are - podcasts are more relaxing and intimate in nature.

Podcasts are audio content. You can just plug in your headphones and listen to the content. It doesn’t demand you to look at a digital screen all the time. And by now, we all know the white light in the digital screens can significantly raise our stress levels. The white light creates a day-like situation even in the night when stared at the digital screens for a duration and it messages our brain to suppress the creation of melatonin, sleep-hormones. Therefore consuming content in audio-visual mode over time significantly hampers our sleep cycle and overall health. Podcasts on other hand it's actually very supportive of good rest as well as increased attention by being significantly less intrusive. This very nature of podcast contributed to its increased popularity as often people consume content prior to bedtime and podcast just works so well with that.

The second reason can be, as reported by many users, that podcasts are more intimate in nature. It feels like somebody is sitting beside you and talking to you. We know how the personalization of content works great with the audience today. Also since advertisements are not yet integrated into podcasts in India, it becomes more of a disturb-less, non-invasive medium to consume content. Radio had been popular for a long time with the Indian audience. That might have created a fertile ground for the podcasts to enter the Indian market.

A report by PricewaterhouseCoopers estimates that India will witness an increase of 30.4% compound annual growth rate in its monthly podcast listener base over the next five years. So we can safely assume that the boom is about to happen soon and it's just the beginning.



More intimate format of delivering content.



A more relaxing way of consuming content than audio-visual mediums.



Less disturbing due to the absence of the ads.



Content of a variety of genres to choose from.



Podcasts come in many different languages making it more personal for the natives of different regions.



In a study conducted in recent pasts, it shows that-


62% of the respondents find podcasts more intimate than any other medium.



62% have listened to podcasts at least once



50% of the respondents prefer listening to one episode of podcast per week


Do you listen to podcasts? Share your experience in the comments below.

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FAQ's About 'What is the importance of e-marketing?'

With the advancement of technology, it has become extremely essential for businesses to have a digital marketing strategy to expand their reach.

Your customers are online

Today, around 4.2 billion people in the world use the internet and more than 3/4th of them have an account on social media platforms. People are always looking out for new pages and groups to follow and engage. And they try to find any information they want using the world wide web (www). They are always on the lookout to find new companies, products and solutions on the internet. By investing in online marketing, you can connect with users online.

Communication is two-sided

Usually, the communication is one-sided when it comes to traditional marketing. With traditional marketing, there is not much scope to interact with your customers/viewers/readers. If you create a television commercial or print an ad in the newspaper, you would be required to wait indefinitely for a response. But if the prospective customer wants to learn more details of your business, the possibility would be minuscule. But with social media marketing, encourages two-way communication. You can interact with your audience and learn about their concerns and provide them solutions.

Increase your company's visibility

There are a lot of limitations to traditional marketing. It is very difficult to communicate with your audience with offline approaches as you don't have control over who sees your advertising and marketing materials. But with digital marketing, there is a huge scope to communicate with your target audience.

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