A good blog is the result of a very good blog strategy. With a good blog strategy, you will benefit positively from yourself and your business.

Over the last decade, many businesses have benefited hugely with valuable content which was written after extensive research and then published keeping in mind the target audience and customers. With a proper blog strategy, you can provide your audience high-quality content along with developing a good foundation for your business.

In order to do that, you need to understand and seek answers to a few questions like -

i) Why are you making a blog?

ii) What will you give to the audience through the blog?

iii) Why are you making the content?

You are making a blog to promote your business and to reach the mass, where you can promote your brand more on a broader periphery and educate and inform your target audience. In order to do that you need to develop a proper blog strategy. Let's dive deep into it to understand how to form the blog strategy.

There are four broad categories made, which is the key to the step by step guide for the blog strategy. They are -

1.) How to Start a Blog

2.) Target Market Research

3.) Blog Content Strategy

4.) Blog Promotion Strategy


To start a blog you need to -

a)    Choose a blog topic.

b)    Choose a domain name.

c)    Choose a blogging platform like Wordpress, Blogger, etc.

d)    Choose the hosting, theme, design and register.

e)    You need to plan, write and lastly publish your content.


Proper research of the market you are diving into is always the best way to start before starting with the blog for your brand. According to your niche, you will understand where you will get your blog traffic. Having an audience, who are your potential customers, is important.

Your blog topic and purpose should be based on your target audience. You need to understand how you will provide value to your audience that they keep coming back and depend on your knowledge and your brand. Providing good quality, high-in-value content is crucial to the blogging strategy for a successful blog.


To start with, you need to set clear objectives for your blog. You need to know what you wish to write in the blog.

For good content, you need to come up with valuable topic ideas and keywords. Keywords are very crucial for a good blog strategy. Without them, it would be very hard to get ranked well on search engines. And without rankings on search engines, getting consistent traffic would be next to impossible. So let's concentrate on ways you can utilize keywords:-

1.)   Use such keywords which have high search volume and less competition.

2.)   Use your main keywords in title, body, headers and even in image captions.

3.)   These keywords will help you get backlinks.

4.)   It is also important to keep a check on using keywords.

Creating a Content Calendar is another very important step in creating a good blog strategy. Schedule your content beforehand based on the analytics you get from your Google Analytics for your blog. This keeps you on track and your content gets published on time.

The next step in creating a guide in blog strategy with content would be to build good content. You need to build and not just write good content as it is an assembly of -

i) Well-written content with no spelling and grammar mistakes, keeping the language simple.

ii) Using many high quality and highly relevant images.

iii) It is better to use many headers, sub-headers, bullet points, quotes, bold and italics.


When you are researching your target audience, do not forget to understand your audience's social media reach. This will enable you to understand which are the specific social platforms that you should be promoting your blog on. For example, if you notice that many of your audience is scattered across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Linkedin, then you need to promote your blog post on these same platforms in order to get more traffic.

Try to incorporate keywords and sentences which are action-driven, which will push your audience to revert back in comments. Interactions will strengthen the bond between your audience and you. In this way, your audience will get to interact directly with you, citing their needs, their queries, their feedback and return to your blog for more valuable content.

Even though it is not that difficult to write just anything and publish, a good blog strategy will save you from hours of headaches and anxiety. Having a good valuable blog personality is very important as that is how your brand communicates with the target audience. Planning systematically will keep you more prepared and so you will get more time to analyse and publish regularly, which then again will maintain your target audience frequenting your blog due to their dependency on your blog and the value you provide.


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