Strategies For Landing Page That Converts

Strategies For Landing Page That Converts

When we talk about landing page, it is basically a standalone web-page that is specifically created to capture leads. If a landing page is effective, it is bound to attract and convert a prospect. Is your webpage effective? A well-designed page is one that boosts the engagement rate, has minimal and only crucial information, free of distractions and visitors are enticed to fill the form.

You will surprised to know that companies with 30 or more landing pages generate 7x more leads than those with fewer than 10, according to HubSpot. (

If you are looking to design a landing webpage, we have listed out strategies for an ideal and transactional landing page:

Avoid Distractions:

While designing, make sure your objective is to keep it simple and minimalist. Inserting too much design element will create a cluttered look, which would not intrigue visitors to go further.

Convincing & conversational tone:

Copy should be such that it looks as if its speaking to a 10 year old, by saying this we don’t mean that your audience is stupid, all we are trying to say that its just the span of attention the user may not have while reading your content. Hence it should be so easy and easy to read that they don’t have to use too much of their brains to understand.
The people who have financial issues will be wondering where their money went, you will have to keep the conversation in such a way.

Using simple structure:

Short, simple and friendly, these are the keys which we have to keep in mind before writing any content to communicate, by using a simple structure there are endless benefits as compared to using an english and language which is hard to decode.

Write an attractive headline:

The headline is supposed to be the most important element of your landing page of the website, It is the veryy first thing that will attract the user’s attention and if written well, it can also make your visitors stay. If not able to do so, there are huge chances that the visitor may exit the page to an instant.

Best way to create a headline that makes a great first impression:

Make it solid: When you are writing a headline for the landing page, it is important to note and make sure that the copy is clear and doesn’t leave anybody in confusion. It should be able to connect with the visitors as soon as they hit the page open and get their eyes on it.

Be sure its specific:

There is a possibility that the visitor can reach you to your landing page via a campaign, and for that your advertisement copy should have a role to play in getting this click through.

But if your headline and copy are opposites and may not be able to do the justice in relating to each other, just for an example if the copy says Free Demo - and your landing page doesn’t show it up ahead, what kind of impression would it make?
Eventually a visitor would get confused and think that the page is not what he or she came for.

Write promising words:

Would you be able to provide results to the visitors? Do you think you have a solution to their issues? If yes then let them know about all this clearly, that you and your business has the ability and capacity to give them solutions for your issues.

The end goal for all this is to understand and talk about what your visitors must be interested in. And not only about what you have developed. Emphasize on what all you offer them and how it would benefit them to make a great first impression to your users.

Lead Capture Form:

These should include only limited fields such as name, contact no and email. When only basic fields are inserted, it will be much easier for a marketer to nurture prospective leads. A form which has more than four questions in the form will cause friction, resulting in a bad user experience.

Reduce navigation:

Avoid using navigational tabs on the landing page as users may leave the page, therefore leading to less conversions. According to HubSpot, they saw a 28% rise in conversions when they eliminated social media links, header and footer navigation.


It is vital that landing pages should have a relevant call-to-action like “know more”, “learn more” or any other phrase that suits your product or service. A powerful call-to-action on an online ad and the webpage will compel visitors to purchase your product.


Some landing pages incorporate testimonials or customer experience, which gets your brand a step closer in tapping relevant leads. When prospects come across recommendations from former customers, it influences their purchase decisions. Positive customer experiences certainly create an impact on visitors as they are at ease to know that they are in for a right purchase agreement.

Conversational Text:

When it comes to content for the landing page, it should be sales-oriented that makes visitors interested and where they feel valued. This happens when the text is written in an interactive tone. For interacting with prospective clients, you can also use a live chat option to increase conversions.

To keep visitors on landing for a long time is definitely difficult, but when you design it by keeping these strategies in mind, you will surely experience positive results. Do you want designs that add value to your brand? Get in touch with us.

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