Use Of Social Media To Boost Your Seo Result


Social Media Marketing can be a valuable ally of the SEO of your website. It can boost your Google search rank. Although social media do not directly impact SEO. Yet the reality is that social media plays a big role for companies giving them exposure with a bigger audience. That leads to many things that benefit SEO, including more backlinks, improved engagement and more SERP.


  • Social Media provides increased visibility which means more links.

  • It can provide you with the base to improve SEO rankings.

  • The contents are indexed easily after social media shares.

  • The data obtained from social media can help in improving your SEO content.

  • Social media lets you understand the targeted audience for your SEO content.

  • It is where you can find which keywords are used more.

  • Social media gives you new content ideas.

  • Social media drives traffic for your SEO content.


  1. Share Content:

Sharing content on social media, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc, is the best way to drive leads to your site. Create valuable and innovative contents which are impactful and original in nature as then only it will serve the purpose of attracting more audiences and keeping them engaged. You need to share such contents which will make sure that your audience keeps coming back to your site. When you share content on social media with others, it opens the door to earn backlinks for your site. Earning backlinks is important as they boost your SEO. It increases your credibility online. It increases your search engine rankings and allows you to reach more leads.

  1. Grow Your Followers:

To boost your SEO, focus on improving your social media presence. To start with, focus on growing in social media by gaining more followers. With more followers on your social media pages, you create the scope for more people to see your content. To gain more valuable followers, you need to be consistent with your strategy with your audience. Try to gain followers organically as Google will know if you buy followers and decrease your credibility.

  1. Build Brand Awareness:

Brand awareness is needed for conversions. Once leads are familiar with your brand, they are more likely to be a returning customer compared to other competitors. Social media marketing is a great opportunity to build brand recognition. By building your brand through social media platforms, you increase your brand’s visibility on search engines. The more you post on social media, the more your brand comes in front and gets exposed. It is beneficial as the audience gets accustomed to your brand more. Then they will search with your brand name and add keywords. With branded searches, your site gets better Google rankings in search engines.

  1. Engage with Audience:

You are directly connected with your audience and a huge mass through social media. It is extremely important for you to establish a good reputation with your audience by engaging qualitatively and consistently. The more engaged your audience remains on your page, the more they will retweet, share, love, heart, comment, debate & show support to your page & they will convert into loyal customers in the process.

  1. Use of Hashtags:

Hashtags are like keywords when you use them on social media. When the audience searches for information on a topic, they can search for the hashtags to find posts regarding that topic. By including hashtags in your posts, you attract more interested leads to your content and eventually they check out your site. With SEO, you utilize keywords to help your pages rank on search engines. For social media, it’s the same with hashtags. If someone is searching for a particular topic, your hashtag usage can pull your content to appear in search results.

SEO & social media both have their own advantages, but they are more effective when they support each other. Do you use social media in your marketing strategy? Share with us in the comments.


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