Why Digital Media Planning is Important?

Why Digital Media Planning is Important?

Today's digital world is a competitive one. For any business to find success today, it has to create and share media content (such as images, videos, written content, and podcasts) with its audience. It is a crazy and exciting time to be in digital media planning – especially in the agency world. New media properties seem to come up daily. Time spent on social media is huge and the competition for ad space is increasing every day.

What is Digital Media Planning?

Digital Media Planning refers to an analytical method for making media decisions digitally. It describes the process and strategy of taking the message across and making right decisions to the target audience at the right time and place with the help of the right media tool digitally.

Digital Media planning is the series of important decisions involved so that you can deliver the promo­tional message to reach the prospective consumers. It is the right type of application process of directing the message to the target consumers by using the appropriate channel at the proper time and place.

The planning should focus on -

  • whom to reach,

  • when & where to reach,

  • the total amount of the target group,

  • the number of times it has been exposed &

  • affordability. 

Some very important reasons which state why digital media planning is so important are :

  1. It defines your target audience. 

  2. It determines your media planning objective

  3. Look out for investing in techniques which give better results

  4. It helps to monitor everything, measure the parameters and improve in the process.

  5. It helps to keep a balance on your ad campaigns from a single platform.


  • A strategy leads the way :

Many companies without any digital media marketing strategy lack clear goals. This makes it difficult to utilize resources for individual marketing activities. Without this, it becomes even more difficult to go through the analytics, in order to know whether you are hitting your targets or not. 

  • Better understanding the market share :

Without a clear strategy, you could never properly know the demand for your digital services. It’s obvious that you won’t fully understand the dynamics of the online market, customer behaviors & competitors.

  • It helps you to develop an effective value :

It is a very competitive marketplace digitally. To get success, you need to differentiate yourself and stand tall among the crowd, by being unique. Only well-thought digital media planning can help you with this.

  • Better estimation of your customers :

You need more than just analytics to understand your digital customers. You need to access other forms of website feedback tools and apply them in order to identify and address your points of weakness.

  • You need to avoid resource & time wasting tools :

With the help of the right type of digital media planning tool, you can stop time & resource wastage. It is very much crucial to avoid your project going over budget. If your marketing team purchases ten different tools or hires services from agencies to do one job, it is a wastage of capital. With the right type of strategy, it can be avoided. 

  • Stopping the use of primitive tools :

 Digital marketing is most productive when included with traditional media and digital response channels. Just sitting in the IT Department and orchestrating a plan will only incur disasters. 

Digital Media planning helps you in selecting the most appropriate media and in deciding time and space in various media so that you can utilize the available resources in the best way. Digital media planning helps to control the content. In the absence of media planning you may select inappropriate media or may release  at the wrong time and thus the promotional message may not reach the largest audience. It will result in wasteful advertising.

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