7 Ways to Improve Facebook Lead Ads

7 Ways to Improve Facebook Lead Ads

The basic intention of running ads on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram is to attract leads, to attract traffic to your website.

Securing the personal information of the website visitors helps businesses do remarketing activities and follow-ups.

Let us discuss the seven ways to improve Facebook lead generation ads.


**Newsletter / Email List Sign Ups**


Sending important information about the products and services of your business is a good way to attract customers/website traffic. Instead of waiting for them to find you, look at your products and make a transaction, you can reach them directly in their inbox. You can do this by running Facebook lead form ads on social media platforms and offer them valuable content in exchange for their email address and contact details which will help you remarket your products or services in the future.




A lead generation ad on Facebook can be an easy way for a user to participate in it if you strategize and implement well-planned Facebook lead generation campaign ideas. You can ask different types of questions while running the contest. In this way, you can get relevant information from Facebook users. You can even ask a trivia question or suggestions from the users with the help of the custom questions option in lead generation forms. Before setting up a contest or a form, you need to ensure that your CRM has the fields mapped correctly so that you can capture all the information shared by the user.


**Scheduling Appointments**


Some custom question formats allow a user to schedule appointments in the form itself. It allows the advertiser to customize a question and confirmation statement. This option will also allow the advertiser to ask their target customer questions like when they would like to schedule their appointment. Though this option can be used by lead generation companies, it could be used also for scheduling appointments, reservations, etc.


**Early Notice of Events/Sales**


People love exclusive offers. Exclusive notice of events means you give a select few users access to a sale or event earlier than others. It could be something that has limited quantities but has a higher demand. It could be tickets to an event or concert, early access to weekend sales, etc. You can offer these discounts or notices to your target customers using lead generation ads. For example, you can give a group discount on tickets for a concert.


**Rewards Program Sign-Ups**


Rewards are a great way to lure customers. Rewards create a sense of urgency in the minds of the customers. Pop up messages like 'Sign up today to save 20% on your next purchase' encourages the customer to avail of the offer. This is the best way to get your customer to sign up for the offer.


**Stress the call-to-action**


In 99% of advertising formats, a call-to-action really helps. Keeping the text of the lead ad short won't be good enough if your ad does not itself have a call to action button. You should provide a call-to-action button in your ad to capture the leads. A call-to-action button helps to reduce the drop-off rate in your sales funnel. Also, it is essential to keep the ad short and be straight on point.


**Follow up on leads instantly**


A potential client will always compare different products and services. Therefore you need to start following up with your leads as soon as they come in. This is because if you don't follow up with them, there is a high probability of failing to convert the lead into a sale. When you collect leads in huge volume, you need to have an automation program and CRM setup that will help you properly capture the leads. You should ensure to get in touch with your lead within 48 hours either by email or phone depending on what they registered for.

It is very important to keep all these parameters in mind while running Facebook lead ad campaigns. Because leads are very precious because they are gained after putting in a lot of effort and time. You can entrust Futurescape advertising to set up high-quality Facebook lead generation campaigns that will help you bring optimum results, thereby saving your time and money.

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