Many brands these days have their own website. You as the owner of the brand can easily blog on your website. Now you might ask 'Why?' Well blogging will help you connect your brand with the audience more and attract more traffic. So after establishing the importance of blogging, now let's concentrate on how to monetize your brand's blog.

A blog can be both professional and personal. Depending on that the profit can be assumed.  Before diving into that let's first know what are the types of brands that make the most money in present times. They are -

1.    Travel Blog

2.    Lifestyle Blog

3.    Fashion Blog

4.    Mom Blog

5.    Food Blog

6.    Marketing Blog

To incur maximum profit from a blog, a proper blog marketing strategy needs to be employed.


Let's start from the beginning. It is already established that there is a website and a hosting company. Keep in mind to invest in good plugins for the smooth operation of your blog site. To monetize your brand's blog keep in mind to -

i) set fixed goals,

ii) choose a particular genre,

iii) always create valuable content,

iv) consistency is the key,

v) get a grasp on Search Engine Optimisation, SEO as it helps your blog rank higher in organic search,

vi) have a content marketing and visibility strategy &

vii) communicate with your audience and capture the leads from there.


Now let's discuss blog marketing and know the ways to make money from blogging. There are some points to be noted and followed -




In order to earn money from your blog, you need to properly delve into blog marketing. This will lead to the generation of leads for your brand in return. Create content very minutely as a blog cannot only be all about selling your brand. That will drive your audience away. So be very subtle about it and fuse them properly. This will connect the audience with you and will lead to loyalty within the audience, which will help you with your brand and blog marketing.




A very important aspect of block marketing is creating a bond and a partnership. In order to connect with the audience, you might think of a caring and out campaign partnering with a reputable and established brand. With this, your blog will get more exposure and increase the chances of more income.




Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and genuine ways of earning money from your blog. For this, you don't need to sell a product or service. When you partner with an E-Commerce brand they simply generate unique product codes, which you will post in your blog. Whenever any audience reads your blog, they might click open the link to buy that product. That unique link will let the brand know where the customers came from. The brand will then generate a commission for you.




The easiest way to earn money through blog marketing is with Google AdSense. After opening your blog site, you need to sign up for Google AdSense and sync them up. Every time you write and publish a blog, the blog will display ads in it. Anytime the ad link gets clicked, Google will charge the advertiser and you will earn. But in order to earn good money, you need to get good traffic in your blog site as per the Google AdSense rules.




There are many freelance bloggers in the world these days. Bloggers have the liberty to work in freelance mode, getting freedom and more scope to exposure and earn money. Linda Formichelli makes $ 250 per hour for example. Brands are always looking out for bloggers with good skills in writing, mapping and doing good research work. Brands these days started realising the importance of good content to attract leads and loyal audiences. So in this way you can monetize your blog by providing good content, writing more consistently and promoting on different social media platforms.

Other than all these, there are many other ways to blog marketing for monetization. They are -

1.    Collaboration work

2.    Operating coaching services to clients

3.    Creating and selling online courses

4.    Selling products

5.    Writing and making money for Kindle Books

Along with understanding how to monetize your blog from the beginning, it is also important to know the facts of this blogging industry.

1.    It is best to implement one strategy at a time.

2.     You should not do what others are already doing. Keep in mind to implement your own strategy.

3.    Map out a blocking strategy before diving into it to reach your goals.

4.    Focus on those strategies that actually help in growing your blog.

No matter what you choose to do, never stop creating content. Whatever strategy you make to monetize your brand blog, never forget to be yourself. Do not forget that other than being an influencer, writer, photographer, small business owner or big brand, You are You. So keep creating content, connect with the audience and invest in your time and energy. This would only lead to your blog's healthy and professional growth.

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